Monday, November 26, 2007

Know Your Naturopath! There is a Difference!

An interesting article was distributed by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians this month that everyone who's interested in alternative medicine should read. The article which was originally printed in the Seattle Times explains the differences between true Naturopathic Physicians, and what are commonly referred to as "UN-D's." UN-D's are those people who practice alternative medicine without any formal training. As the article describes, there have been a number of instances where an UN-D has caused serious harm, or even death because of their lack of training and experience.

Right now only 14 States license Naturopathic Physicians, which means that in 38 States anyone can call themselves a Naturopath- even if they have no training at all. Licensing ensures that only those with the proper training can call themselves Naturopaths or Naturopathic Physicians. It is also important for people to realize that even traditional medical doctors who use alternative medicines may be inadequately trained in those modalities.

If you are considering visiting with a Naturopathic doctor for the first time make sure that you ask the right questions:

Did you graduate from an accredited Naturopathic medical school?
Do you have a medical license?

These are totally valid questions which may prevent you from seeing an unqualified person.

At NFC, all of our physicians are licensed graduates from naturopathic schools accredited by the Department of Education.

To read the article in its entirety follow this link:

Teen's death hastened by practitioner who had bogus diplomas

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survivor said...

Thanks SO much for the clarification on naturopathic credentials and educational background. Whenever I bring up alternative medicine, most people give me that "Oh brother, another wacky New Ager" look. Now I can back up my position with solid facts.