Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Important news for those fighting cancer

Research published in the October, 2007 edition of Clinical Oncology supports the use of healthy lifestyle choices both in people trying to prevent cancer, AND those people currently fighting cancer. This article goes on to say:

"The evaluated evidence was utilized to show potential lifestyle interventions to facilitate well-being and quality-of-life initiatives. There is now persuasive evidence that dietary choice and exercise can improve teh physical and psychological function of patients with cancer. There is also persuasive evidence that lifestyle choice can prevent cancer or the reoccurrence in susceptible individuals, and possibly improve survival."

It is unfortunate how many people with cancer are told by their oncologists that they should eat whatever they want. This sort of poor advice can only set the patient up for malnutrition, and at best provide excess calories and sugars that cancer cells need to survive and grow.

If you know someone fighting cancer please make sure that they seek out the help of a physician well-versed in dietary and lifestyle strategies for fighting cancer.

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