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August in's a dry heat...

Hello Health Seekers,

It's finally here, the highly anticipated August edition of the Naturopathic Family Care Blog!  Hold onto your hats, as we have some great articles and news to share with you this month. First, the news:

If you have been to the clinic lately, you may have noticed that we have begun using our new name and logo.  We're excited to be updating our image, as we feel that our new name, Longevity Medical Health Center, more accurately describes the clinic. We promote longevity, administer medical services, and want you to be healthy! Rest assured that nothing is changing except the name, we'll continue to offer the same great doctors, staff, and treatments.

In other news we're pleased to announce that we now offer ozone therapy at the clinic!  This cutting-edge treatment is used the world-over for a variety of different conditions.  You can learn more about the benefits of ozone treatment by reading Dr. Psenka's article a little further down the blog.  We also have an couple of articles from Dr. Orona, who is discussing Vitamin D, and Dr. Marchese sharing her extensive knowledge of microcurrent therapy.

Be on the lookout for upcoming talks being held at the clinic.  We update our schedule frequently and new additions can be seen on the right side of this page and also at our page.  

We are continuing to add more and more products to our online store.  Within the next couple of weeks we'll be adding Vital Nutrients and Orthomolecular products to our store as well.  Use the link on the right to see what we've added.

Sunshine and Your Health- by Dr. Orona

If healthy adults and adolescents regularly avoid sunlight exposure, research indicates a necessity to supplement with at least 5,000 units (IU) of vitamin D daily. To obtain this amount from milk one would need to consume 50 glasses. With a multivitamin more than 10 tablets would be necessary. Neither is advisable.

The skin produces approximately 10,000 IU vitamin D in response 20–30 minutes summer sun exposure—50 times more than the US government's recommendation of 200 IU per day!

How To Get Enough Vitamin D

There are 3 ways for adults to insure adequate levels of vitamin D:

  • regularly receive midday sun exposure in the late spring, summer, and early fall, exposing as much of the skin as possible without the use of sunblock.
  • regularly use a sun bed (avoiding sunburn) during the colder months.
  • take 5,000 IU per day for three months, then obtain a 25-hydroxyvitamin D test. Adjust your dosage so that blood levels are between 50–80 ng/mL (or 125–200 nM/L) year-round.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent- By Marchese, ND 

Dr. Marianne Marchese has been using electrical modalities since 1990 to heal the body and restore function.

Frequency specific microcurrent is a physical therapy modality that has been in use for years. Microcurrent is measured in millionths of an amp so you don’t feel the current. By comparison, a TENS unit and most other electrotherapies produce milliamps, 1000 times greater. Your body seems to use the microcurrent energy to increase its own energy production. Microcurrent increases the production of ATP, your own chemical energy, by up to 500%. It also increases protein synthesis and waste product removal.

Dr. Marchese uses frequency specific microcurrent at Naturopathic Family Care for a variety of health conditions. Contact her to see if this modality is right for you.

What conditions is microcurrent used for?  Fibromyalgia, Muscle pain, Joint pain, Endometriosis, Menstrual cramps, Constipation, Fibroids, Ovarian cysts, Interstitial cystitis, Detoxification, Neurological symptoms,Multiple sclerosis, And more……………….

Ozone Therapy- by Dr. Psenka

The use of medical ozone therapy is rapidly growing in popularity around entire world.  Ozone therapy is a commonly administered therapy throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.  The use of medical ozone therapy has been proven to be beneficial for most chronic illnesses, as well as acute infections.  

Ozone is a gas that is comprised of three oxygen atoms.  Two combined oxygen atoms are known as O2- and that makes up the air that we breathe.  Single oxygen atoms are rare in nature and are very unstable as well.  (think free radical...) When O2 is exposed to an energetic force, such as electricity, the two oxygen atoms are split apart and almost instantaneously the atoms pair back together.  A small percentage of the oxygen molecules will unite to form a triplet molecule known as O3 or ozone.

What is Ozone therapy used for?  

Ozone has been safely used since the 1950’s for a variety of medical conditions. Medical ozone therapy has a very broad range of effects, and is therefore used in treating many different conditions.  Some of the effects of ozone are:

Relaxes and loosens muscles by reducing the build-up of lactic acid

Oxidizes toxins so that they may be eliminated by the major organs

Increases blood circulation

Inactivates viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus, and protozoa

Speeds up the metabolic process of the organs and endocrine glands

Promotes cleaner, softer, more rejuvenated skin

Normalizes cellular respiration

Helps with chronic fatigue and environmental illnesses

Stimulates the immune system

Reduces carbon monoxide poisoning

Increased oxygen content of the blood promotes detoxification

Ozone is most commonly known for its strong ability to control bacterial, fungal, and viral infections.  Ozone is used worldwide to disinfect municipal drinking water.  Ozone is also used to keep swimming pools and spas clean instead of strong chemicals such as chlorine or bromine. Using ozone therapy, viral and bacterial infections of the intestines can be effectively controlled in both children and adults.  Chronic viral and bacterial diseases such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and shingles can also be treated by using ozone therapies.  Infected and poorly healing wounds such as diabetic ulcers may also be treated with ozone therapy.  

Circulatory disorders can also be helped by ozone therapy.  Vascular diseases such as stroke, obstructive arteriopathy, venous insufficiency, and complications from diabetes are all candidates for ozone therapy.  Ozone is also commonly used in geriatrics to improve oxygenation to the brain.

Ozone therapy has also been recognized as a treatment for cancer. In 1928 Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg demonstrated that the primary cause of cancer is the replacement of oxygen in the respiratory chemistry of normal cells by the fermentation of sugar.  This discovery led to the finding that the growth of cancer cells is a fermentation process which can be initiated only in the relative absence of oxygen.  By using ozone therapy the body can become more fully oxygenated and thus slow or hopefully eliminate the growth of cancerous cells.  

Additionally, ozone can be used as an adjunct for conventional cancer treatments, particularly radiation therapy.  It is an established fact that radiation therapy works better in well- oxygenated tissue, and also that tumors are a relatively hypoxic (poorly oxygenated) tissue.  The use of ozone therapy has been shown to increase the oxygen content of tumor cells and therefore, when used prior to radiation therapy, may result in better results than would have been obtained if only the radiation had been used.

Is Ozone therapy safe?  

Medical ozone therapy has an excellent safety record.  In one study, the records of 384,775 patients treated with different ozone therapies were analyzed.  A total of 5,579,238 treatments were administered using Major Auto-Hemotherapy, a common type of medical ozone administration.  The incidence of accidents was 0.0007%.  This makes the safety record of ozone better than that of aspirin.

Curious?  Want to learn more?  Watch our upcoming talk schedule for a soon-to-be-announced talk by Dr. Psenka!

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