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January 2009 NFC Blog

Hello Everyone,

We hope that 2009 is treating you all well so far! In this issue of the NFC blog we've got a ton of great things to share. Here's a taste of what's going on in January:

1. NFC Health Stimulus Check- make sure you get yours!

2. Natural and Bio-Identical Hormones as seen on Oprah- NFC style

3. Prolotherapy: The treatment for sprains and strains.

4. Cholesterol Truth in Advertising

5. Pharmacy News- Yes! We have your supplements, our pharmacy is ONLINE!

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The Naturopathic Family Care Health Stimulus Check

We've decided to try something new at NFC this year. We're issuing a $20 Health Stimulus Check to everyone who reads our blog. This $20 is our way of saying an enthusiastic thank you to all the great people we see at the clinic. Readers can use this $20 bucks towards office visits or items from our pharmacy. Remember the wise words of Benjamin Franklin "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Keep your family healthy by visiting your friendly neighborhood Naturopath. Just print out the Health Stimulus Check on the right side of the page and bring it with you to the clinic.

Should Women Replace Their Hormones?

It was big news this week when Oprah Winfrey offered a expose on the benefits of bio-identical hormone therapy for women. Many women are familiar with the idea of hormone replacement to treat menopausal symptoms, and some women have heard of bio-identical hormone replacement. Oprah's experts offered a great review of the topic including research suggesting that the use of bio-identical hormone replacement could promote significant advantages for women. Oprah's expose also highlighted the importance of hormone education for women considering hormone replacement. At NFC we have two doctors who have been treating women with bio-identical hormone replacement for years. Dr. Marianne Marchese is a nationally recognized expert in women's health and hormone therapy. Dr. Sharhzad Orona has been treating with bio-identical hormones for years at NFC.
If you have ever wondered if hormone replacement was right for you come in and talk with one of our docs. To see what Oprah had to say about hormone replacement follow this link.

New Treatments for Old Injuries

Whether we make a definitive New Years’ resolution or not, most of us have the goal of improving our fitness level -- be it taking a daily walk, improving our race split time, or playing with our grandkids. At some point a variation of the phrase “if it weren’t for my bum knee/shoulder/back, I could do a lot more” comes out of our mouths. Most of us have old injuries that may limit or downright prohibit activity. We have worn out tendons, ligaments, cartilage, etc. and we don’t like the invasive option of surgery. Prolotherapy often is the solution. (click here for a thorough history and explanation of prolotherapy

Do you roll your ankle every time you take a hike? Does your knee click when you are playing basketball? Does playing with the grandkids leave you with a backache? These are all signs of an unstable joint. Barring frank ruptures or tears, prolotherapy can improve the integrity of the joint, increase stability and strength, and reduce pain. Prolotherapy has given many professional athletes a competitive edge, limited injuries, and increased the length of their active career. As a physician I have had the privilege of treating many of these athletes. I was trained at the Hackett Hemwall Foundation started in the 1960’s by Dr. Gus Hemwall who was mentored by Dr. George Hackett the pioneer of prolotherapy. A young C. Everett Koop, former US Surgeon General, was one of his patient success stories.

At NFC, prolotherapy is not a stand-alone solution. After a thorough history and orthopedic exam, we will determine what structures are involved. The injection solution is customized to your specific injury. Most patients need a series of injections to rebuild the joint. Supportive treatments of acupuncture, electrical-stimulation, massage, exercise rehabilitation, and chiropractic care are all part of a comprehensive plan to optimize your fitness.

When it Comes to Cholesterol, Don't Believe the Hype

It seems that if you ever watch prime time television you'll have the pleasure of viewing several health related commercials. One of my least favorites these days has to do with a well-know breakfast staple offering a cholesterol lowering challenge to people who consume this food for breakfast. The commercial states that when people eat this cereal for an entire month they can see an 8 to 10 point drop in their cholesterol levels.

Well, as great as an 8 to 10 point decrease in cholesterol is, it's probably not the cereal. Last week a patient came in to see me who had his cholesterol drawn on two consecutive days. Both times that his blood was drawn it was early in the morning, and both times he was fasting for the test. When the results came back there was a difference in total cholesterol of 15 points. Fifteen points in a single day beats the pants off of 10 points per month don't you think? The moral of the story is that laboratory values can change significantly in 24 hours, and it might have absolutely nothing to do with your breakfast cereal.

However, if you are attempting to lower your cholesterol and triglyceride levels, then eating a high fiber diet with foods like oatmeal is a smart idea. Many different research studies have proven the benefits of eating a high fiber, low fat diet. One diet that seems especially good for many health concerns such as high cholesterol (aka hypercholesterolemia) is the modified Mediterranean diet. This diet has also been found to be good for other conditions such as high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, and insulin resistance. At NFC we have been incorporating this diet into our First Line Therapy programs with great success. First Line Therapy is both a research-based treatment and preventative health program. The program consists of combining the Mediterranean diet and exercise with supplementation designed to help with specific conditions. Naturopathic Family Care has recently been recognized as a National Center of Excellence due to our success in helping people with chronic conditions get their health back with therapeutic lifestyle change.

If you have an interest in learning more about our First Line Therapy programs please call our office. Our NFC Health Challenges are another way that people can become familiar with our programs. For information about our next Health Challenge see the link to the right.

Your Supplements Are On The Way

Beginning this week the Naturopathic Family Care pharmacy will be available as on online store. Some of the products in our pharmacy are so popular that we often have a difficult time keeping our shelves stocked. Using this online store will ensure that you have the supplements you want when you need them. So far we have both Metagenics and Neuroscience products on the site, and we will be adding more all the time. Your orders will be shipped directly from the manufacturer and should never take more than a week to arrive on your doorstep.

In order to use the site a short registration process is required. Registering only takes about a minute, and rest assured that your information is safe, and that we will NEVER give out any of your information to anyone. To visit our new online store visit


Q said...

Thank you - your stimulus check is a nice treat, and I'm super excited about not having to drive 40 miles to get supplements.

But - Oprah? (Yes, that was an eye roll/sigh combo.) When we need medical care, we need you and your coworkers, not a tv personality! :)

Jonathan (Jake) Psenka said...

Hi Q- I know.....Oprah is, well, Oprah. Her operations did a pretty good job of looking at the facts of HRT. Thanks for your comment- it's great to know that someone is reading this!

Kate said...

I'm reading

The Health Stimulus Check is a very nice gesture. Thank you! In these tough times it seems like everyone knows someone that's either taken a pay cut, lost a job, or a decrease in benefits. So $20 here and there really can add up.

jrengasamy said...

Really appreciated the articles, particularly about strawberries and the wet socks (who knew?). I've read before that organic strawberries and grapes are a must but never took the time to find out why. Thanks for the detail on the pesticides-scary. Also, thanks for the information on local farmer's markets.

alferdoz said...

i have an under active thyroid and I think my medication is not working for me. I am having breathing problems, trembling in my hands, flaky fingernails and many other symptoms. I think I need to change my meds to natural thyroid . I heard a lot of good things about it.